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Detroit Pen Show this Weekend! We Will Be There Saturday and Sunday!

Hi Pen Fans!

We will be attending the Detroit Pen Show this coming weekend on the 21st and 22nd!

However, we will need to miss Friday! Our son is a Senior in High School (where has the time gone?), and we will attend an event at Friday night’s football game honoring the Seniors and their parents.

So we will be arriving late Friday night, setting up early Saturday morning (pumped full of coffee), and staying until the end of the show on Sunday.

I haven’t had time to count exactly, but will be bringing more than 400 pens to the show! We will have plenty of our newest Collier Grandes with the big #8 nib, as well as plenty of pens made from ‘craft’ materials by Jonathon Brooks, Jennifer Earley, and Tim McKenzie.

Click here to see all Collier Grandes that will be coming to the show.
Click here to see all pens made from a ‘craft’ material that we will be coming to the show.

To see all pens that we will be bringing, please visit our Current Inventory Gallery, or you can watch the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

This Current Inventory Gallery has been updated as of today with about 75 new pens! If you cannot attend the pen show and are interested in any of the pens that are currently inventoried, email me and I can let you know of the availability of any of these pens before or after the show.

We hope to see you soon in Detroit!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory

Current Inventory Updated! Lots of Comets!

Hi Pen Fans!

When we introduced The Comet back in December, the response was truly unexpected! We had around 30 custom Comets inventoried when we made this announcement to be sure that our customers wouldn’t have to wait through our custom backlog to get one.

Nearly all of them sold out! So a couple of weeks ago, we began making more Comets. We now have more than 40 that are ready to ship. Of course, you can always place a custom order for any Comet in any configuration, but that will go to our custom queue which is currently about 6-7 weeks.

So in addition to our normal Current Inventory of about 350+ pens, we also have just added plenty of Comets to meet the demand that we’ve had.

If you are interested in seeing only the Comets that are currently inventoried and ready to ship, click here.

In particular, we’ve had a lot of fun making comets from craft materials coming from Jonathon Brooks and Tim McKenzie. Click here to see all Comets made from Jonathon’s materials, and here to see Comets made from Tim’s materials.

If you are interested in seeing all pens that are ready to ship (not just Comets), click here or see the slideshow below.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison