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Quick Contest….A Free Mystery Item!

Hi Pen Fans!

Next week, there will be a couple of new announcements at the Edison Pen Co.

Stay tuned…but for now, I thought that I would put out a teaser.

I’ve cropped a photo of a new item in a purposefully deceiving manner, which is below….

Take a guess at what this mystery item is!  The correct guess will receive one for free.

To keep this fair….please post all guesses within the comments section of this blog post….do not send me emails.

If there is no correct guess within a day or two, I’ll put out another photo revealing a little more…


Below are photos of this pen rest.  They will be announced next week, along with a new pen model…stay tuned!



Brian at Edison

14 replies on “Quick Contest….A Free Mystery Item!”

one third and final guess (respecting the rules of the recent franklin cristoph contest), it could be an inkwell.

Unfair… even with internet and gmail on my android phone, I got it just by looking at it. Figured it was a pen rest, looks like a chopstick rest. All well, 10 minutes late and no fish.

Just arrived to say "pen rest" when I noticed that I’m the third or fourth to say so. You folks are FAST!

I knew it, too, but my dog ate my keyboard and I couldn’t post it. I mean my grandmother died and I had to go to her funeral and so I couldn’t post it. I mean….

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