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Introducing The Mina, Pen Rests, and Wide Italic Nibs…

Hi Pen Fans,

A New Pen Model!!!!


Links mentioned in the video….

The Mina Main Page

Pen Rests

New #5 Nibs – 18k, Steel, and Wide Italics

The Mina Gallery

The Extended Mina Gallery


Brian at Edison

15 replies on “Introducing The Mina, Pen Rests, and Wide Italic Nibs…”

Looks awesome Brian! I like that you have an extended version of it, that’s going to make it more accessible to the big-handed folks out there. I love the design of it clipless, I think a clip would be really distracting and take away from the overall look.

I’m putting out a quick message to make a correction regarding my Mina announcement.

In the announcement, I made it sound like the Mina design was strictly created by me.

In reality, this design was a collaboration between Ernest Shin, of Hakumin Urushi Kobo and myself. Ernest and I have been collaborating on a lot lately, and I can’t wait to see how the Mina looks with Ernest’s lacquer work on it.

After watching the announcement, I felt bad that I completely forgot to mention this, and I’d like to offer apologies to Ernest.


Brian at Edison

Brian, Nice looking addition to your stable of pen offerings. In some of the pictures it looks like the Mina has four sides. Yes or no? Thanks.

Okay, this is beautiful and I KNOW I want one! One quick comment: the materials descriptions are not showing up in the photo gallery – either that, or I can’t figure out how to access them…

My apologies….

Things have been super hectic this week. I will have the material descriptions taken care of soon. In the meantime, if you want to send me the URL to the materials that you like, we can work from there..


Just wondering ( since it wasn’t mentioned), what material does the pen rest comes in? it will be really cool if you’re able to match the pen rest to a pen. ( Hey, you could even have a pen + pen rest combo! like buy a pen and get a matching pen rest in the same material at only $20 or something.)

I definitely considered matching pen rests.

However, it’s just not possible. Most of my pen materials come to me .750" and round.

The round stock is simply not wide enough to make a pen rest, and I can’t get the materials thicker.

So only black for now.


So, if I am understanding your pricing correctly, a Mina or an Extended Mina with an eyedropper filling system would cost $100.00 more. Is that correct?
Any idea what the bulb filler will run?

No, sorry if this is not clear.

The Mina is both an Eyedropper and Cartridge Converter in the same pen. To use the pen as a eyedropper, just add a little silicone grease to the section threads, which I can provide. No difference in cost, since the pen can do both.

If you wanted this as a bulb filler, then this will probably add $100. However, I haven’t prototyped this yet, so no promises.

When the bulb filler possibility becomes reality, I’ll announce it.


Will you be doing the Extended Mina in Tortoise Acrylic? A poet friend referred me to your site, and I’m entranced by the shape of this pen in the Tortoise, but I have difficulty with short-barreled pens.

Any chance of getting both Mina sizes
added to the model comparison? That
would really clarify the sizes.

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