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Computer Problems, Please Bear With Me….

Posted by on Sep 11 2010

Hey Everyone.

I’ve had a very serious problem with my shop computer.

I’ll get it into repair on Monday.  Hopefully, I’ll return the same day with everything back to normal.

I’m hoping that I can access the hard drive on my shop computer and move it all to a new computer.

If not, everything is backed up via an offsite backup service.

Best case scenario, I’m all set Monday evening.

Worst case scenario, I’ll have to access everything late this coming week, as the offline service can take up to 4 or 5 days to completely restore everything.

Bottom line, if I’m slow on emails and correspondences, you’ll know why.  If I have technical problems related to the computer, you’ll know why.


Brian at Edison



The Next Urushi Project – We Need Your Help!

Posted by on Sep 09 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

I’d like to thank everyone for their interest in the Urushi Pearl Project, the first LE project between Edison and Hakumin Urushi Kobo.  The project was a huge success and we have decided that we are going to continue this cooperative effort.

In fact, we are currently in the process of planning our next LE! We have decided that this next edition will be done on the Herald and we have some good ideas for the technique, which will be something different from the Pearl LE. While we are keeping the specific technique under wraps for now, we will say that the color scheme will be in the cooler side of the spectrum this time and that we will be using rhodium trim.

However, we are stuck on deciding one thing.  Clip or no clip?  A clip would add convenience and stop a pen from rolling away. Going clipless would emphasize an unbroken surface of the lacquer and show off the purity of the design. Which do we choose? Either way would be beautiful, and it ends up all being a matter of personal preference.

And so we have decided, who better to decide than those who will be owning them?

We have started a poll over at the Fountain Pen Network to put this up for a vote among our clients.

Clipped or Clipless? What would you like?

Please follow this link to vote, or click here….



Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi




The Urushi Pearls are Finished, and Teaming Up with Hakumin Urushi in DC!

Posted by on Aug 12 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

I have two items to cover in this blog entry.  Both involve Ernest, with Hakumin Urushi Kobo.

First, I am pleased to announce that Ernest and I will be teaming up and sharing a table at the DC Pen Show this weekend.

Our teaming up will truly make for a phenomenal custom pen opportunity. 

If the customer wishes, a custom order for any Edison Pen can be placed, with Ernest working his urushi magic on said pen.  Or we can work with the customer to create a completely new design.

This means that the possibilities are endless.  Any Edison Pen or any custom Edison creation can be comissioned.  Then the customer can discuss lacquer techniques with Ernest to customize a wonderful traditional Japanese lacquer finish.

This certainly represents something awfully unique in the pen world.


Second, The Urushi Pearls are Finished!

Please see the pics below…they certainly speak for themselves!

I will have more completed photos up on the Urushi Peal Page later, as I’m busy getting ready for the DC Pen Show.

This has been a fantastic project.  Ernest and I are already making plans for the next Limited Edition.  If you want to subscribe to my blog (upper-right-hand corner of this page), you will be automatically updated when we are starting the next series, and taking orders.

So I hope to see lots of you at the DC Pen Show.  If you are on the fence about attending, remember that this is the biggest and best show in the US if not the world!


Brian at Edison

Urushi Pearl – Just About Done….

Posted by on Aug 07 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

The first ten Urushi Pearls will be available for shipping the week of August 16th.

For those attending the DC Pen Show, you will receive your pen at the show.

For those who cannot attend the show, your pen will ship after the week of August 16th.

I will attach some teaser photos……complete photos will be coming soon…..




Introducing the Huron Grande and Herald Grande….

Posted by on Jul 23 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

I am proud to introduce two new pen models.

I have created larger versions of the Herald and Huron.

These will be known as the Huron Grande and Herald Grande.

Here is a slideshow showing the Huron Grande…..
(if you cannot see this slideshow, click here)


…and a slideshow showing the Herald Grande….
(if you cannot see this slideshow, click here)

These are both pretty large pens, at 6 1/2" capped, and 5 3/8" uncapped.  But still not overly heavy at around 26 grams capped and 15 grams uncapped.

Here is a photo showing how these new pens stack up next to my current line….

These Grande pens are both avalable as fountain pens, but I will have a rollerball option coming soon.

I do have some of these pen in inventory, ready for immediate sale.  Click here to see my current inventory.

Please click these links to learn more about these pens.

Huron Grande

Herald Grande


Brian at Edison


Urushi Update – An Exciting Step….

Posted by on Jul 19 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

The Pearl Urushi Project is getting even more exciting.

We are at the Togi (sanding) stage.  This means that all of the work to create the layers of gold and lacquer are starting to emerge.

At this point, careful sanding exposes the layers that have been built up and hidden until now.

There is a video as well as a photo showing the progress here….


It is safe to say that we are at the home stretch on the first batch of 10 pens.

We are anticipating having these pens complete prior to the DC Pen Show.

The second batch of 10 pens are still on target for September delivery.


Brian at Edison

The Edison/Chatterley LE Huron Grande

Posted by on Jul 07 2010

Hi Pen Fans.

I’m pround to announce a collaboration between Edison and Chatterley Pens.

In about 2 weeks, I will officially announce "Grande" versions of a couple of my pens. 

As the name implies, these will be larger versions.

I have completed an early Limited Edition of 18 Huron Grande pens for Chatterley Pens.  These pens are made from Ivory Celluloid.

This Ivory Celluloid is getting scarce, and will be completely gone very soon, if it’s not already gone from my supplier.

This is a larger pen, at about 6.5" capped, and 5.5" uncapped.

This pen in Ivory Celluloid will only be available from Chatterley Pens They are not for sale here.  I will not be making anymore Huron Grande pens from this Ivory Celluloid. 

Please visit Chatterley Pens at www.pentime.com for more more details.

Photos are below, courtesy of Chatterley Pens.


Brian at Edison.

A Blow Filler? A Blow Filler!

Posted by on Jul 06 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

I always love it when a customer approaches me with new ideas, designs, filling systems, and challenges to consider.

I had a customer speak to me about a blow filler.

This is a filling system that was used very early in the history of pens.  I’m not sure that it was a real lucrative filling system, as I’ve never seen one live, but it turned out to be very interesting and certainly fun.

With a blow filler, there is a sac attached to the section or housing which holds the ink.  This is just like any other typical pen incorporating a sac as the reservoir, such as a lever filler, button filler, crescent filler, etc.

Each of these sac filled pens incorporate some way of compressing the sac.  When you dip the pen in ink, compress the sac and then release, the result of the sac returning to it’s shape will cause a vacuum resulting in ink being drawn into the sac.

In the case of a lever filler, there is a pressure bar that compresses the sac, activated by a lever.  With a button filler, there is a pressure bar activated by a button on the bottom of the pen, with a crescent filler, the same applies, and you can guess what activates the pressure bar. 

So this pen fills the same way, but with an incredibly simple method of compressing the sac.

How does this pen fill?

There is a very small hole drilled into the bottom of the barrel, which is visible in the photos below. 

The section threads are made very precise, to the point of where they are airtight.

This seals the barrel internally.

So to fill the pen, you insert the nib into an ink reservoir, and blow into this hole on the back of the barrel.

Since the interior of the barrel is sealed, blowing into the barrel increases pressure, causing the sac to compress.

When you stop blowing, the sac decompresses, drawing ink into the sac. 

Two or three cycles of blowing into the back of the barrel will fill the pen completely.

The blowfillers of the past would typically not have an ink window.  The customer who ordered this pen wanted some kind of way of knowing where the ink level was.  We went with an ink window, and also a clear sac.  This makes it easy to determine when it’s time to refill.

This pen was also made from original Sheaffer Crimson stock.  Very hard to find.

This was a seriously fun pen to make.  It was really nice to revive a design from a very long time ago!

Brian at Edison