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Current Inventory Updated and Hope to See you in Baltimore!

Hi Pen Fans!

In preparation for the Baltimore Pen Show, we have been working on stock of our Current Inventory Pens.

We’ve made a lot of new pens, and mostly from craft materials by Jonathon Brooks, Tim McKenzie, and Jenn Earley (stay tuned for news regarding  Jenn, as she is a new material maker for us).

We have also added lots of Collier Grandes, which have been awfully popular since we introduced it!

To see All Current Inventory Pens that are ready to ship, CLICK HERE (or see the slideshow below).
To see all Current Inventory Pens made from a Craft material, CLICK HERE.
To see Current Inventory of Collier Grandes, CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in any of these pens that are ready to ship, you can email me to narrow details.

Then we are definitely looking forward to the Baltimore Pen Show, which is the weekend of March 10th! The last time that we attended Baltimore was just before Covid, so we truly miss seeing our Baltimore show friends!

We hope to see you soon in Baltimore!

Brian at Edison

Special Offers

A Price Reduction in the Production Line!

Hi Pen Fans!

I wanted to announce that effective immediately, our Production Line will see a price decrease.

The price for any of our Production Line Pens with a steel nib has been $169.

The new price will be $149.

A few factors are driving this. For those of you who remember, these pens were originally priced at $149 when we first started offering the Production Line about 12-13 years ago.

Then in 2018, we announced a price increase to $169. This increase was driven by many factors at that time.

  • Much more expensive overhead when we moved to a very nice and spacious commercial location, having outgrown the location at our home.
  • A large investment into a LOT of new machinery.
  • Hiring more employees.

Since this price increase in 2018, we have accomplished more than a few things that have allowed us to reconsider Production Line pricing.…

  • Over the years, I’ve been able to optimize all aspects of programming for faster assembly-line production regarding our newer automated machinery.
  • We’ve also been able to streamline our manual assembly-line processes.
  • We’ve had the same fantastic employees for a minimum of 5 years each now. Frankly, all of us have honed our skills for faster production while retaining high quality and committing fewer time-wasting mistakes. Finding employees that have previous experience in penmaking isn’t exactly easy! It definitely takes a long time to develop expertise in this field. I’m thankful to say that all of us here have become very highly skilled penmakers, which makes everyone here very effective at what we do.
  • Our overhead costs have been reduced a good bit, since we now own our commercial building, rather than renting our space.

The bottom line is that our cost to manufacture the Production Line has gone down. We feel that adjusting the retail price accordingly is the right move.

So effective immediately, you will see that all of our retailers who carry the Production Line will have their prices adjusted to $149 for all pens with a steel nib. Click here to see our entire Production Line, as well as the retailers that carry them.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison

New Pens Special Offers

Small Run LE Collier Grande in Holiday Theme!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are very happy to announce a special Limited Edition Collier Grande just in time for the Holidays!

This will be a small run of only 30 pens. There will be two materials used. A solid red that we usually refer to as Fire Engine Red and a solid green that we usually refer to as British Racing Green.

This numbered edition is limited to only 15 of each pen.

We have placed a very nice engraving on the cap lip of these pens. Of course, the engraving is intended to be a snowflake. But if you look closely, it is subtly comprised of multiple Edison logos!

These pens are converter fillers. They will come with our new (and huge) #8 Steel Nib in your choice of F, M, or B.

Full specifications for this pen can be found here.

Lastly, each of these pens will come with a fun Edison ornament that we have designed!

The price of this pen will be $295 and shipping. If you were to order a custom version of the Collier Grande, the price would be $325. Since we manufactured this edition assembly-line-style, we can lower the price a bit.


Please reach out with any questions. I hope that everyone has a great Holiday Season!

Brian at Edison




New Pens Pen Shows

Ohio Pen Show! With Collier Grande Exclusive!

Hi Pen Fans!

We’ll be attending the Ohio Pen Show this weekend! This is our first Ohio show in three years (and only our 2nd show since early 2020) due to Covid. We are truly looking forward to seeing our friends and customers again!

We will be bringing a Limited Edition pen. It is a Collier Grande in Jonathon Brooks Galaxy Prime. This pen sports our new and huge #8 nib. This LE pen is exclusive to attendees of the Ohio Pen Show.

We were very excited to see how these turned out, as Galaxy Prime is quite stunning on a larger pen such as the Collier Grande. Specifications of the pen can be found here.

The edition will be limited to 15 pens. At past pen shows, our LE exclusives have sold pretty fast. Not everyone can attend each day of the show, and many cannot get off work to attend Friday. For this reason, we will limit our Friday sales of this LE to 10 pens only, and our Saturday sales to 5 pens. It will be first come, first served each day.

The price for this LE pen will be $300 with a Steel nib in Fine, Medium, or Broad. If you purchased a similar custom pen, it would normally be $345. We are able to lower the price a bit since we made these pens assembly-line style.

Outside of this Limited Edition pen, of course we’ll be bringing lots and lots of our normal inventory. We have been very busy making inventory specifically for this show. In fact, we’ll be bringing a pen show record 400+ pens!

So as of publishing this post, our Current Inventory Galleries have been updated with lots of new pens that will be available at the show. Any pens that don’t sell at the show will be available when we return. Feel free to email me with an inquiry if something appeals.

We will also have tester pens of all of our models available,  including versions of our new #8 nibs as well as our brand new #6 Steel Flex Nibs.

To get a sneak peek at the pens we’re bringing, please take a look at our Current Inventory Gallery.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Brian at Edison

New Pens

2022 LE Comet in Brooks Cool Tone Primary Manipulation and Calico Koi!

Hi Pen Fans!

Materials coming from our good friend Jonathon Brooks are always in high demand! It seems that every time we place a sizable order with Jonathon, our inventory of said materials are very quickly spoken for by custom orders.

For this reason, the largest Limited Edition that we’ve made from Jonathon’s materials has only been 35 pens until now. Most of our limited edition pens from Jonathon’s materials are even smaller editions of 10-15 pieces that are exclusive to the pen shows.

Not too long ago, we placed a larger order from Jonathon and we purposely stashed these amazing materials to be sure that it remained in our inventory for a larger and very special Limited Edition!

So this is the first Limited Edition from Jonathon’s materials that we’ve been able to do that exceeds 35 pens. This Limited Edition will be 100 PENS (50 of each material)!

So we are super proud to announce this Limited Edition Comet made from Jonathon’s Cool Tone Primary Manipulation and Calico Koi!


Cool Tone Primary Manipulation
Calico Koi



Cool Tone Primary Manipulation version has a complimentary finial made from a translucent red, while the Calico Koi has a nice translucent amber/orange finial.

These pens are available with Steel nibs only.

Also, we can offer these pens with our new Steel Flex Nibs.

Tip sizes can be EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, Flex EF, and Flex F.

PLEASE NOTE – if you prefer to have a Steel Flex Nib equipped on one of these pens, please remember that we have these flex nibs in Polished (silver tone) versions only. So the Polished (silver tone) flex nib will match the Silver-tone clip on the Cool Tone Primary Manipulation version, but it will not match the Gold-tone clip on the Calico Koi version.

The price for these pens are $225.

So you know, our pricing for a custom Signature Line version of a Comet made from Jonathon’s materials would normally be $295 with a Steel nib. But since these pens are made assembly-line style in larger batches rather than one at a time, we can offer this discount while still attending to the same fine details.


Please email with any questions.

Brian at Edison



New Pens Nib Customizations Production Line

#6 Steel Flex Nibs!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very happy to announce that we now have #6 Steel Flex Nibs!

Within the video below I explain how they are made, show writing samples, and compare them to our Stock 14k Flex nibs.

These Flex nibs are available in Silver Tone only, in Extra Fine or Fine tip sizes.

click for full resolution
click for full resolution

If these are purchased equipped on a Signature Line Pen, the cost will be the same as a pen equipped with a normal Steel Nib. If purchased individually, they will be $28.

These nibs will also be available soon through our retailers that carry our Production Line.

Please email me with any questions.

Brian at Edison

New Pens Production Line

New Model to the Production Line! The Comet!

Hi Pen Fans!

It was about a year ago that we introduced The Comet to our Signature Line. Since then, it has been our best selling model. Special thanks to our employee Jake, as this pen was entirely his design.

We have had a lot of requests to introduce this pen to our Production Line, and we agree that this is a good idea. (to understand the difference between the Signature Line and Production Line, click here)

We have chosen three materials that we’ve had in mind for the Production Line for a good while. The Comet seemed like a great way to introduce them.

The Production Line Comet will come in Brandywine, Sea Spray, and Cumberland.

BrandywineSea SprayCumberland

The Comet is a design that uses the finial as the largest diameter, tapering from this point all the way to the end of the barrel. The finial has been made from a translucent material that represents a comet. The rest of the pen tapers to the end of the barrel, representing the comet’s tail.

To see how The Comet compares to our other models, click the image above.

The cap posts deep and secure.

Pricing for this pen will be the same as all of our other Production Line Pens. $169 with a Steel nib or $299 with an 18k nib.

For those that would like a totally custom version of The Comet, we are still going to be offering this pen within our Signature Line.

The Production Line version of the comet is now available from our retailers. Please click here to see Edison retailers that carry our Production Line.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison




Current Inventory Nib Customizations

Stamped #8 Edison Nibs and Current Inventory Updated!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very happy to announce that our #8 steel nibs are now coming to us stamped with our logo.

We had plans to introduce this nib with branding from the beginning, but we didn’t want our customers to wait too long for them to arrive. This why we launched the Collier Grande with a nib that did not have any branding at the beginning. Initially, we were expecting these nibs to be ready later this year, but they were finished much earlier than what we had anticipated.

The Collier Grande is the only model that accepts this nib, but we have plans for more designs using it.

For those that already purchased the Collier Grande with the original unbranded nib that would like to switch to this version, we can trade for a restocking fee of $20 including domestic return shipping. There are some Edison customers who prefer the simplicity of the blank version, so we’re happy to replenish our inventory of blank versions for those that would like to trade.

In addition to this, we have recently updated our Current Inventory Gallery with new Collier Grandes! This pen has been very popular and has sold fast. It’s been difficult for us to keep inventory that is ready to ship, but we have some that are ready to go! You can see them here.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison


Pen Shows

Can’t Make the San Francisco Pen Show

Hi Pen Fans.

This has been a very difficult decision, but we won’t be able to attend the San Francisco Pen Show this year.

I’ve always been very proud of keeping a high level of transparency regarding Edison. So I have debated as to whether or not I would explicitly share all of the reasons for this cancellation. These minor but unavoidable items are mostly regarding our personal lives, and they will create a conflict for us in August.

I’m very sorry to announce this with only a month’s warning and I apologize for the ambiguous nature of this post. Please rest assured that everything is fine with our health as well as the health of our employees and families.

Our next scheduled pen show is Ohio in November, and we certainly expect to have everything back to normal by then.

Brian at Edison



New Pens Special Offers

2022 LE Glenmont in McKenzie DiamondCast!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are excited to announce a new Limited Edition Glenmont made from Tim McKenzie’s DiamondCast!  We’ve done a few other LE pens from Tim’s materials in the past, and these never disappoint!

This Limited Edition Glenmont is made from two of Tim’s DiamondCast™ materials. “Oil Slick” and “Silver Lake”.

2022 LE Glenmont in Oil Slick and Silver Lake

DiamondCast is created with real gem-quality diamonds that are ethically sourced as reclaimed chips, directly from diamond cutters. We are very happy with all qualities of these materials. As opposed to our normal acrylics, they really open up some amazing creative iterations that otherwise aren’t always possible coming from our overseas large-scale acrylic manufacturers.

2022 LE Glenmont in Oil Slick
2022 LE Glenmont in Silver Lake

This edition will be limited to only 50 pens from each material, for a total of 100 pieces.

2022 LE Glenmont in Oil Slick
2022 LE Glenmont in Silver Lake

The edition is numbered from 1 to 50 in each material. They are converter fillers.

These pens have all of their nibs carefully tuned and are ready to ship immediately.

Pricing for these pens are $225 with a Steel nib. So you know, our pricing for a custom Signature Line version of the Glenmont made from Tim’s materials would normally be $295 with a Steel nib. But since these pens are made assembly-line style in batches rather than one at a time, we can offer this discount while still attending to the same fine detail.

If anyone has any questions, please reach out!
Brian at Edison