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Current Inventory Updated Post-Chicago Show!

Hi Pen Fans!

We had such a great time at the Chicago Pen Show! After more than 2 years, is was so nice to see our old friends and meet some new ones!

We made lots of pens for inventory at the Chicago Show. But of course, not all of them sold at the show. Last week we were able to photograph all of the new pens that we made for the show. Those new pens are now listed within our Current Inventory Gallery of more than 400 pens.

Click here for the Current Inventory Gallery

If you are interested, here are all pens that are currently inventoried made from materials by Jonathon Brooks and/or Tim McKenzie, as these have proven to be very popular!

Please use the links above to see all pens that are ready to ship, but I’ll also attach a slideshow below.

If you are interested in any of these pens that are ready to ship, you can email me to narrow details.

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory Pen Shows

Chicago Pen Show and LE Exclusive Comet for the Show!

Hi Pen Fans!

We’ll be attending the Chicago Pen Show this weekend (our first since Covid!)

We will be bringing a Limited Edition Pen that is exclusive to the Chicago Show! This is a Comet made from Jonathon Brooks Forged Patina. Please see the video below for all details.

The edition will be limited to only 15 pens. They will be priced at $275 with a Steel nib or $375 with an 18k nib.

We will limit our Friday sales to 10 pens only and our Saturday sales to the remaining 5 pens. First come, first serve each day. We realize that a lot of people can’t get off of work to attend a pen show on a Friday and we want everyone who wants this pen to have a shot at it.

If you cannot attend the pen show and like this material, we do have plenty of it left for custom pens. While we cannot make a pen identical to this Comet and also abide by the “rules” of a Limited Edition, we can still take custom orders for other pen models made from the same Forged Patina material. Be sure to email me if you’d like to speak about a non-limited edition pen made from this material.

Outside of this Limited Edition pen, of course we’ll be bringing lots and lots of our normal inventory to the show. Actually, we’ll be bringing inventory exceeding 425 pens! Please see the video above for all of these pens. We normally need 2 tables for pen shows, but we’re stepping it up with 3 tables this time! We will have pens made from materials that we’ve never brought to a pen show before, including lots and lots of pens made from craft materials by Jonathon Brooks and Tim McKenzie.

Click here to see all pens that we’ll be bringing to the pen show.

Click here to see all pens we are bringing that are craft materials from Jonathon or Tim.

We hope to see you in Chicago!

Brian at Edison


New Materials New Pens Pen Shows Special Offers

The ‘Pen-Show-LE-That-Never-Was!’ 2022 LE Comet in Brooks Deep Space!

Hi Pen Fans!

We never would have predicted this a couple of years ago, but due to COVID, we haven’t attended a pen show since March 2020! Sheesh!

At each major pen show, we typically bring a small Limited Edition pen that is exclusive to that particular show. We keep these editions smaller, make it very special, and only attendees of that pen show can purchase that particular pen.

Of course, we need to plan these LE pens well in advance. So in early 2020, we contacted Jonathon Brooks requesting that he put together another fantastic material created specifically for Edison. Well, the material arrived around the same time that Covid arrived!

So this exclusive material has been sitting on our shelves waiting for a fun project for about 2 years now! After missing our friends at pen shows and our fans also missing out on these smaller Limited Editions, we decided to just make a pen from this material now, albeit a smaller edition.

This is a Comet made from a material that Jonathon Brooks crafted specifically for us. We felt that calling it Deep Space was quite apropos for the Comet!

Normally when we do pens with exclusive materials, we buy enough so that we have extra to also make custom pens for those interested. However, we don’t have any more of this. So if you like this Deep Space material, this pen will be your only option to acquire it.

The material is a very nice deep blue with some very subtle purple highlights.

Actually, this composition and color tone definitely reminds me of vintage Cobalt that was used extensively in original Sheaffer Balance II’s. This does have a tighter pattern (which I like better), and also some excellent and subtle purple highlights.

Going with the style of the Comet (our newest model), we made the finial from Solid Blue Translucent Acrylic.

Since this material was intended as a smaller LE for a pen show, we never ordered a lot of the material compared to our normal LE pens. Therefore….

…this pen is limited to only 35 pieces

The pen will come with a Steel Nib in your choice of EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm.

The price is $245. If this same pen were ordered as a custom Signature Line pen, the normal price would be $295.

The Edition is Sold Out

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory

Current Inventory Updated! Lots of Comets!

Hi Pen Fans!

When we introduced The Comet back in December, the response was truly unexpected! We had around 30 custom Comets inventoried when we made this announcement to be sure that our customers wouldn’t have to wait through our custom backlog to get one.

Nearly all of them sold out! So a couple of weeks ago, we began making more Comets. We now have more than 40 that are ready to ship. Of course, you can always place a custom order for any Comet in any configuration, but that will go to our custom queue which is currently about 6-7 weeks.

So in addition to our normal Current Inventory of about 350+ pens, we also have just added plenty of Comets to meet the demand that we’ve had.

If you are interested in seeing only the Comets that are currently inventoried and ready to ship, click here.

In particular, we’ve had a lot of fun making comets from craft materials coming from Jonathon Brooks and Tim McKenzie. Click here to see all Comets made from Jonathon’s materials, and here to see Comets made from Tim’s materials.

If you are interested in seeing all pens that are ready to ship (not just Comets), click here or see the slideshow below.

Please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison


Time Away

Enjoy the Holidays!

Hi Pen Fans!

Andrea, myself, and our crew haven’t had hardly any vacation and just about no travel since covid began. Frankly, we are worn down! We have decided to take the entire last two weeks of December off to be with our families and to be sure that we come back in January fully recharged.

So it will be at the beginning of 2022 that I will be able to take care of emails and other communications.

I hope that everyone stays safe and enjoys their time over the Holidays!

Brian at Edison

New Pens

New Model to the Signature Line! The Comet!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very happy to announce that we have a new model coming to the Signature Line. The Comet!

Our employee Jake designed this pen entirely with very little help from me, so that makes us extra proud!

Please see the video below for all details, but I will also give a quick summarization.

The Comet is a design the uses the finial as the largest diameter, tapering from this point all the way to the end of the barrel.

The majority of the Comet designs that we have created for our inventory have an accented finial from a complementary material. The name comes from the idea of a comet flying through space. The accented finial represents the comet, and the rest of the pen represents the tail.

Comet in Brooks Combustion with Fire Opal Finial

The accented finial is optional, as you can see in the photo below…


The pen looks very sleek capped….

…and retains this sleekness when posted. The cap posts deep and secure…

At the time of publishing this announcement, we have more than 30 Comets that are currently inventoried and ready to ship. You can watch the slide show below to see all Comets or visit our Current Inventory Gallery that shows all Comets that are ready to ship.

Then of course, we can always take a custom order for any combination of materials that you feel works for you.

The price of this pen will be in the same range as the rest of our Signature Line standard offerings. $275 with a Steel nib or $375 with an 18k nib.

That’s all of the necessary details that I can think of! If you like this design, please send along your congrats to Jake! We’re very proud that he took this idea all the way from a concept to a successful design! It’s not an easy task!

Please reach out with any questions.

Brian at Edison


New Pens Special Offers

Limited Edition Black Knight Collier! A Nice Mistake!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m happy to announce that we are now offering a new Limited Edition Signature Line Collier in a material that has been a personal favorite of mine for a while now.

This material is what we’ve called Cumberland Acrylic previously. In the past, we’ve been able to acquire this in only smaller quantities for individual custom pens. We’ve never had enough for a sizable run until now.

This edition is limited to only 75 pieces.

The nib and clip have a black oxide treatment to compliment the darker tones in the acrylic.

This Cumberland acrylic is a material that was actually a mistake from the manufacturer! The colors and swirls that you see in these photos were not intended! I think that they were looking to get rid of their mistake, so they sent us a few meters to check out at no charge. We loved it so much that we instantly bought up the rest of the “mistake”!

This initial purchase gave us decent quantities for some custom individual pens, but about 6 months ago we were getting low on it. We did not want to say goodbye to the material, so we contacted the manufacturer to see if they could replicate the “mistake” on a larger scale and they were able to do so with the first try!

This pen will be available with Steel Black Oxide nibs in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm italic, and 1.5mm italic. It is a converter filler. For all specifications on the Collier, please see here.

The price for this pen will be $225. The normal retail price for a Signature Line Collier with a Steel Nib is $275. Since these pens were made “assembly-line” style, we can manufacture them faster with the same quality. This allows us to bring the price down significantly compared to a fully custom version.

All of these pens are in stock and ready to ship immediately! Please let me know of any questions.

Brian at Edison

The Edition is Sold Out

PS – when were looking for a clever name for this pen, immediately the dark trim and color scheme made us think of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail! At first, we dismissed this idea. But as we searched for a different name, we just couldn’t get this out of our heads.

So what the heck! ’tis but a scratch!

Nib Customizations

Italic and Architect Nibs from Mark Bacas!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m proud to announce that we are now carrying custom ground nibs by Mark Bacas from!

We’ve known Mark for a good while from the pen shows (prior to covid!) and we’ve always been very impressed with his work. I think that most of the pen community is familiar with Mark’s skills, so there’s certainly little need to expand upon his talents! We’re very happy that Mark has agreed to give us some help.

Up until now, I’ve always personally handled all of our custom nib grinds with the exception of when we brought in Gena Salorino with Custom Nib Studio about a year ago for XXF and finer grinds.

As our business grows, I find that my time for custom ground nibs diminishes more and more. It seems that I’m being spread in too many directions. Nib grinds are something that I’m happy to seek help with to free myself for other tasks while also supporting our fellow nib technicians.

So Mark will be helping us with the following nib grinds…

  1. Crisp Italics (adds $40)
  2. Cursive Italics (adds $40)
  3. Stub Italics (adds $40)
  4. Hybrid Architect (adds $50)

Gena will continue to help us with XXF and finer grinds.

So we have plenty of inventory of Mark’s work ready to be installed on any custom pen. All custom-ground italic and architect nibs from Edison will be coming from Mark’s hand from here on out.

If anyone has questions, please reach out!

Brian at Edison

New Pens

New Material to the Production Line – Moonbreaker!

I’m happy to announce that we have refreshed the Production Line Beaumont with a new material!

We are discontinuing Aurum and will be replacing it with Moonbreaker.

Beaumont in Moonbreaker
Beaumont in Aurum

Moonbreaker is a very nice flecked pattern with a grey base and subtle baby-blue highlights.

Beaumont in Moonbreaker

The material is lightly translucent and will show through when held up to a light source.

Beaumont in Moonbreaker

While the Beaumont in Aurum has been discontinued, we still have a small handful of inventory and so do our retailers. So if you were ever on the fence about the Beaumont in Aurum, now is the time while they last!

This means that the new lineup of Beaumont Production Line Pens is now Unicorn, Fireball, and Moonbreaker.

Unicorn, Fireball, Moonbreaker

If you are interested, please follow this link to see all of our retailers that are carrying this pen.

If anyone has any questions, please reach out!

Brian at Edison

Tips and Hints

Updated Model Specifications

Hi Pen Fans!

Admittedly, our previous methods for displaying all of our model specifications as well as making comparisons from model to model was not super user friendly.

We’ve made a big update to how our customers can compare models as well as view full specifications.

Within this new specification page, customers will be able to see all models, specifications and make comparisons. All images will open within a new tab. Therefore, you can click on the models that you would like to compare and then switch between tabs.

Click here to visit the Model Specification Library

Please let me know of any questions.

Brian at Edison


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