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Out of Town This Week

Posted by on Jun 12 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

I’ll be out of town the week of the 13th on a business trip.

While I’m gone, Jake will be taking care of emails.  If there is an email or issue that requires my personal attention, it might be Monday the 20th when I can return it.

As soon as I return stay tuned!  We have a few new items to announce!


Brian at Edison

2016 Chicago Pen Show!

Posted by on Apr 27 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

We are going to be packing up today for the Chicago Pen Show!

We will be set up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

See the video below to see what pens we will be bringing.

If you can’t make the show and see a pen in this video that you like, you can email me to see about availability after the show.

I probably won’t be doing much with emails after today, so if I’m late with a response, you’ll know why.

Hope to see you in Chicago!

Brian at Edison

LE Mina Project is Complete!

Posted by on Mar 03 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

All of the LE Minas are one their way to their owners!  Tuning all nibs, final touches, and shipping more then 200 pens made for a very busy week!

If anyone who bought this pen has not received tracking information, please reach out.

I’d like to again thank everyone for your patience. We did make our delivery estimate, but just barely. The delay was due to our very busy Holiday season. The next time that we do this, we will avoid the Holidays, for sure!

I’ll attach some pics below.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  Stay tuned for a similar project this year!

Brian at Edison


Applying pigment to engravings.


Jake tuning nibs.


Brian signing certificates.


Lots of pens going to the post office!



LE Minas Will Ship This Week!

Posted by on Feb 29 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

The LE Minas are just about finished!  We have some final touches to add today, and then we will ship this week!

We have more then 200 pens to ship, so this is not a task that we’ll complete in only a day.  So if you have a LE Mina on the way, please allow flexibility.  You’ll get tracking information sometime this week.  If we can’t get everything shipped by Friday, I’ll let everyone know.

I will be putting some updates on our Instagram account, and also probably do some Periscoping of the final touches and shipping process.  If you want to check this out, our username on both accounts is @edisonpenco.  We’ll also put some photos and perhaps video here on the blog as we move along.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone for your patience!  In the initial blog post, I estimated that this project would take 2 – 4 months.  The way that we usually do our time estimates is to under-promise and over-deliver.  However, we took just about exactly 4 months to finish this project.  So we still made our delivery estimates, but I really prefer to be way ahead of our estimates.

Bottom line – this project took us a longer than we would have liked due to the Holidays.  Our Holiday rush really caught us off guard this year.  We’ve learned an important lesson here – we won’t coordinate this project to coincide with the Holidays in the future!

So stay tuned for more updates as we begin shipping and keep an eye on your email for tracking information!


Brian at Edison


2016 LA Pen Show! Here’s Our Inventory!

Posted by on Feb 10 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

We’ll be on our way to the LA Pen Show shortly!

If you can make the show, take a look at the video below to see what pens we will be bringing.  (if you can’t see the video below, click here).

If you can’t make the show and you like a pen in the video, you can reach out to me to inquire.

Once we get back from LA, we’ll photograph the pens that need photographed and put them into our Current Inventory Gallery.

While we are gone, I won’t be doing emails.  Our employees Jake and Wendy will be holding down the fort while we are gone, however.  So you might get an email response from one of them.  But any issues that need my direct attention can’t be fielded until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Hope to see you in LA!

Brian at Edison

LE Mina Update #4 – The Home Stretch!

Posted by on Feb 09 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

The LE Mina Project is moving towards completion!

We have all pens off the lathe.  I will estimate that 70% are sanded and polished.  30% still need sanded and polished.  Then we engrave the caps, tune nibs, and ship!

We are packing up for the LA Pen Show tomorrow, but our employees, Jake and Wendy will be working on these while we are in LA.

So barring something unforeseen, we’ll be shipping middle/late February after we get re-grouped after the LA Show!

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison

Black Oxide, 18k 1.1 Stub, BB, and OBB Nibs!

Posted by on Jan 28 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very happy to announce that we have some new nibs to introduce.

First off is a really neat Black Oxide nib.  Previously, I really liked the looks of ruthenium nibs, but these Black Oxide nibs have them beat hands down!  See pic below.


This Black Oxide nib is available in Steel only, and #6 size only (sorry, no #5 Black Oxide yet).

In addition to this, we also have some new additions to our 18k nib tip offerings.

We can now offer our 18k nibs in 1.1mm Stub, Double Broad (BB), and Oblique Double Broad (OBB).  I won’t include photos of these nibs, as they will look identical to our normal 18k nibs.  Only the tip will look different.

So let’s rundown all of the nibs and tip sizes that Edison can offer….

Two Tone, Single Tone, and Black Oxide
EF, F, M, B, 1.1 and 1.5 italic

Two Tone and Rhodium Plated
EF, F, M, B, 1.1 Stub, BB, and OBB


If you have any questions, feel free to each out!

Brian at Edison

2015 LE Mina Update #3!

Posted by on Jan 13 2016

Hi Pen Fans!

We have a new update to the LE Mina Project.

We did this update entirely on Periscope.  If you don’t follow us on Periscope, our handle is @edisonpenco.

So rather than repeat the content, just have a look at the video below!


Brian at Edison

On Holiday Break…Thanks For Another Great Year!

Posted by on Dec 21 2015

Hi Pen Fans!

We are currently taking our Holiday Break.

However, we will be working off and on around the Holidays on the LE Mina Project.

So we will be working some during this time period, but I will be taking a much needed break from my computer.  Outside of this, our focus will be on our families.  So if I don’t respond to emails until after the New Year, you’ll know why.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone for another great year!  We at Edison truly appreciate your business!

Everyone have a great Holiday Season!

Brian at Edison

2015 LE Mina Update #2

Posted by on Dec 15 2015

Hi Pen Fans!

Time for an update to the 2015 LE Mina Project!

Admittedly, our progress has not been as fast as I would have liked.  The Ohio Pen Show took a lot of our time for preparation, we had a few ancillary projects in middle-late November, and then our Holiday Rush in December has been much busier that I would have ever predicted.  I was anticipating having a lot more done in December, but our Holiday orders have us really swamped!  It’s a good thing that I quoted up to 4 months, as unexpected things can happen, and they have!

We have cleared off the last 2 weeks of December so that we can focus hard on this project, and January looks to not be so crazy for us.

But in the meantime, I’ll attach the progress so far.  We have more than 20 of the acrylic Minas just about finished.  We’ll be working hard on the rest of the series next week and into the New Year.

Expect to see more updates as we get this project ramped up!

Brian at Edison