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On Vacation!

Posted by on Jun 25 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

Later this week I’ll be heading out with my family for a sorely needed two-week vacation. We’ve been super busy this year. I haven’t taken a day off since the Holidays, so I’m overdue!

My crew will be here during this time to handle emails and orders. But with my wife and I gone, they will be busier than normal. So email responses could be delayed a little. If you need my direct attention, I’ll be back the 3rd week of July.

Happy Summer!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory Updated!

Posted by on May 28 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

Since the Chicago Pen Show, things have been awfully busy. It was just this week that we were able to photograph all of the pens from the Chicago Show that didn’t sell and update our galleries with them. So in total, there are more than 300 pens that are currently ready to ship.

Right now our backlog is about 8-9 weeks. But for those who would rather not wait, pens that are currently inventoried and waiting for good homes can be found HERE, or you can see these pens in the slide show below.

If you are interested in one of these pens, please email me.


Brian at Edison

Pen Show Schedule Rest of Year. Coming to San Francisco!

Posted by on May 21 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

I wanted to put this post out sooner than later as we’ve made a decision to mix up our pen show schedule this year and potentially make some changes next year.

When we attend a pen show we have to build our inventory, of course. We have to plan for each show carefully and begin building pens literally about 4 weeks in advance. Then it always takes us a good week after the pen show to get back into our groove. So a pen show can have an effect on our schedule for literally about 5 weeks.

Due to this, we can’t possibly attend every pen show. We have had our set schedule for the pen shows that we will attend, and have generally stuck with the same 5-6 shows annually. But we feel that it’s time to mix this up a bit to be sure that we can see our fans in cities that we haven’t visited yet.

So in 2019, we will not be attending the DC Pen Show the weekend of August 2nd, and instead will visit the San Francisco Pen Show the weekend of August 23rd.

We’ve heard some great things regarding the San Francisco show, and we look forward to meeting our fans there! No promises yet, but we are also considering creating a limited edition pen that would be exclusive to this show, something that we’ve never done previously for a pen show. Stay tuned!

The rest of 2019 we will attend the Detroit Show in October and the Ohio Show in November. Then our plans for 2020 are still up in the air, but we like the idea of mixing up our schedule. If you have suggestions as to what pens show to attend, please let me know!


Brian at Edison

Chicago Pen Show 2019!

Posted by on Apr 30 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

We’ll be at the Chicago Pen Show this weekend. We’ll be set up Friday through Sunday. Please see the video below to check out the pens that we’ll be bringing, as well as our new display.

We hope to see you there!

Brian at Edison

New From Edison! The Extended Mina “Level”

Posted by on Mar 13 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

We are pleased to introduce a new modification to our Extended Mina called the “Level.”

Extended Mina Level in Lapis Lazuli Flake with Clear Yellow Window

The Extended Mina Level is the result of experimentation with our new translucent materials and a desire to create ways to check ink levels in an Extended Mina without affecting the simple aesthetic of the pen.

In addition to seeing your ink level, the pen is symmetrical when capped. Our employee Jake likes to refer to it as a “palindrome pen.” That’s one of the reasons we used the palindrome “level” as the name! Combined with the fact that it looks like a bubble level and you can check your ink level, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Extended Mina Level in Smeared Rainbow with Translucent Infernus Swirl Window

One cool feature of this pen is that the design only allows clear portions of the converter to be seen. So this makes the pen appear to be like an Eyedropper or perhaps one of our Draw Fillers. It’s kind of an optical illusion. So this feature allows you to discern ink levels in a converter filling pen that doesn’t look like a converter filling pen.

Only the clear portions of the converter are visible, creating an illusion that the pen is an eyedropper filler.

With this perfect symmetry, some people might wonder “how do you know which end is the cap and which end is the barrel?” This actually pretty easy. The barrel side of the ink window will be totally seamless. The cap side of the ink window will have a very small .020″ radius that’s only visible if you know what to look for. See towards the end of our YouTube video above for more on this.

The “Level” version of the Extended Mina will add $50 to the normal cost. There’s a lot of labor involved in building the ink window, epoxying it into place with an overnight cure, and then the additional boring, sanding and polishing that has to happen to make the interior as nice and shiny as the exterior. So with a Steel nib this pen is $275. With an 18k nib, $375.

At the time of publishing, there are almost 30 of these pens all set and ready to ship. Here are those pens in our Current Inventory Gallery

Here is the Main Gallery for the Extended Mina Level.

If you are interested in one of these pens that are ready to ship, email brian@edisonpen.com. If you are interested in creating a custom version, reach out and we can discuss!


Brian and Jake at Edison

LA Pen Show and Quick Facility Tour!

Posted by on Feb 14 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

This weekend is the LA Pen Show! Have a look at the video below to see the pens that we’ll be bringing. If you can’t attend the show and see a pen that you like, feel free to email me to see if it’s still available after the show.

Additionally, it’s been a while since we’ve done some Behind-the-Scenes videos. Below I’ll give a quick tour of our new facility and new machines. I’ll be following up with a much more thorough video showing our processes and applications when things settle down after the show so stay tuned!

Hope to see you in LA!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory Updated!

Posted by on Jan 30 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

We are in the midst of our preparation for the LA Pen Show, which is fast around the corner. In doing so, we have a lot of new pens in our Current Inventory gallery that are ready to ship with no waiting through or normal backlog, which is currently about 10 weeks.

You can see more here. Or here’s a direct link to the Current Inventory Gallery. Lastly, I will post a slideshow below showing these pens.

We will be making a lot more pens for the LA Pen Show than what you see in the Gallery right now, but I wanted to make our fans aware that this gallery now has a lot of new pens that are waiting for good homes! 🙂

I’ll be posting more updates regarding the LA Pen Show as the date draws closer. We hope to see you there!

Brian at Edison

Happy Holidays From Edison! See you in the New Year!

Posted by on Dec 20 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

We are wrapping up for the year. If you need my attention I will be working on emails after the New Year. I’d truly like to thank all of our fans and customers for supporting us so that we can continue doing what we love!

2018 saw a lot of new things happen here at Edison, mostly being a lot of new machinery. During the Holiday break, I will get some work done on a nice video blog showing our new facility and machines and will publish as soon as I can. So stay tuned!


Brian at Edison

Ohio Pen Show!

Posted by on Nov 02 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

We are packed and ready for a great weekend at the Ohio Pen Show!

We’ve been so busy preparing that I’m afraid that I didn’t have time to put together a video showing what we’ll be bringing, but our inventory is not far off from what we we brought to the Michigan Pen Show a couple of weeks ago. This video will give you a good idea as to the pens that we’ll have with a few exceptions.

We’ll be set up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We hope to see you there!

Brian at Edison

Michigan Pen Show!

Posted by on Oct 18 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

We will be attending the Michigan Pen Show this weekend!

See the video below for the inventory that we’ll be bringing. There are a lot of pens that we’ve made in some excellent new translucent materials.

If you see a pen in the video that you like but cannot attend the show, feel free to email me to inquire.

Stay tuned, as after the Michigan Pen Show, I’ll put together a blog post featuring these new materials that you see in the video.

Then in two weeks, we hope to see you at The Ohio Pen Show!

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison