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Detroit Pen Show this Weekend, and 12 Years in Business!

Posted by on Oct 17 2019

Hi Pen Fans! A few topics for this blog post.

First, we will be attending the Detroit Pen Show this weekend! We’ve always enjoyed this show and look forward to attending again this year!

We will be arriving Friday Morning and will attend the full show schedule except for Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, we have a family event that we have to attend Sunday evening. So we will need to pack up around lunchtime on Sunday to exit a little earlier than we would like. So if you are attending the show and would like to see our display, please be aware of an early departure on Sunday.

I won’t have time to photograph all of the pens that we are bringing to show within this blog post, but we are bringing a lot of new stuff! We will be bringing a pen show record 80+ Menlo Draw Fillers, and about half of them are from new materials that we’ve never used before, most of them being translucent. Outside of the Menlos, we also have about 150+ pens that are new to our inventory. For those that can’t attend the Detroit Show, we’ll have those pens photographed and hosted in our galleries upon our return.

Next, Friday the 18th will commemorate Edison being in business for 12 years!

It was 12 years ago on October the 18th that I wrote my first invoice as the Edison Pen Company! It’s been a wonderful way to make a living! This whole thing started with a love for pens and an 80lb lathe in my garage. I never thought it would even be a living, let along what it’s become today! My wife, employees, and our families thank you sincerely for your support over the years!

Along with this, expect to see a lot of new things between now and the end of the year. A new pen design, some pretty special Limited Editions, and I’ve nearly completed a full video tour of our facility! So lots of new things coming between now and the end of the year, with lots more plans for 2020!

We hope to see you at the Detroit Pen Show!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory Updated and (gasp) No More Binder Flex nibs!

Posted by on Sep 17 2019

Hi Pen Fans.

A quick post with a couple of topics

First, the inventory that we made for the San Francisco Pen Show has been photographed and uploaded to our galleries. There are about 50-60 pens that are new to the galleries and ready to ship. Click here to see all of the pens that are ready with no waiting. Email me if you are interested in one of these pens.

Below is quick slideshow of these pens or you can click this link for the gallery.

Next, we can no longer offer Binder Flex nibs. 🙁

Say it ain’t so!

It’s been about 3-4 years since Richard Binder announced his retirement. Since then I’ve considered myself lucky that he was willing to continue making flex nibs for us, in spite of his mostly retired status.

I knew that the day would come when Richard would want to either back off or stop completely, and that day has come unfortunately.

So we can no longer offer Binder Flex Nibs, I’m sorry! All of the flex nibs that we have left are accounted for with backlogged orders. So if you have an order in with us that involves a flex nib, fear not! We do have your nib!

I’d like to take a minute to thank Richard for doing these flex nibs for as long as he did. Richard was essentially continuing to do me a favor as a friend after his retirement, and I’ve always been very grateful that he continued making these for Edison as long as he did.

Please don’t forget that we still do offer Edison Stock Flex Nibs. These nibs are definitely quite respectable as what I call “modern” flex, whereas Richard’s nibs were just like vintage “wet-noodles’, both having their place.

Please reach out with any questions.

Brian at Edison

2019 San Francisco Pen Show and LE Exclusive Pen for the Show!

Posted by on Aug 20 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

We’re packing for the San Francisco Pen Show! We’ll be set up this weekend Friday through Sunday. This is the first time attending the San Francisco Pen Show, so we truly hope to see some of our fans that we haven’t been able to meet face-to-face yet.

We will be bringing a Limited Edition pen that will be exclusive to the SF Pen Show. See here for all details regarding this pen or watch the video below.

Besides the LE Exclusive Pen, we’ll be bringing more than 360 pens to this show. All of these pens are shown in the video below.

If you see something that you like but can’t attend the show, feel free to email me to discuss.


Brian at Edison

Collaboration with Carolina Pen Co! San Francisco Pen Show Exclusive Limited Edition!

Posted by on Aug 16 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s been a long time that I’ve been admiring Jonathon Brooks’ work as a penmaker, but also as a maker of pretty amazing materials. I have always wanted to work with Jonathon and some if his great materials. Last year at the DC Pen Show we started to hatch some plans….

Jonathan sent me some material samples not too long ago, and I really liked what I was working with. After making a few pens with these samples, I started to think of some kind of Limited Edition, but something that would remain small and simple to begin with.

Since we are attending the San Francisco Pen Show for the first time ever later this month on the 23rd, we figured that this might be a great time to set up an exclusive pen for the San Francisco Pen Show, and Jonathon’s materials looked to be perfect fit.

So we recently put the finishing touches on a pen design that we’ll bring to the San Francisco Pen Show, sold exclusively at the show…..

San Francisco Pen Show Limited Edition Menlo in Modified Japanese Autumn

This is a Menlo, but without a centerband. This is a material that Jonathon made exclusively for Edison that is loosely based on his “Japanese Autumn”, but Jonathon added some more reds and oranges to set this material apart. The Menlo is typically a Draw Filler, but we made this pen as a converter filler. You can see in the photo above that we created a nice engraving to note the exclusivity of this pen to the 2019 San Francisco Pen Show.

San Francisco Pen Show Limited Edition Menlo in Modified Japanese Autumn

This pen will be available at the San Francisco Pen Show as a Limited Edition of only 10 pieces. It will be first come, first served at the show when we set up on Friday the 23rd. We will not take pre-orders for this pen.

San Francisco Pen Show Limited Edition Menlo in Modified Japanese Autumn

(if you would like to see higher resolution versions of these photos, click here, here, and here.)

We are going to price this pen at the same rate as our normal Menlo set up as a Converter Filling Pen. $275 with a steel nib or $375 with an 18k nib.

Now I realize that some of you might feel left out if you love the looks of this pen, but cannot attend the San Francisco Pen Show. But I think that we can still help you out!

We do still have some of this Modified Japanese Autumn material available, and we can make a few more custom pens from it. But abiding by the rules of a Limited Edition, we cannot offer it as a Bandless Menlo, and we cannot offer it at the same price. Jonathan’s materials are significantly more expensive than what we normally use. In the case of the Limited Edition, we can absorb this cost since we made these pens “assembly line” style. But a custom pen made from this will be a bit more expensive due to the materials cost. Exactly what the additional cost would be, I don’t know yet, but if you are interested, please reach out and we can figure it out.

It’s truly been a pleasure working with Jonathon’s materials (and Jonathon!) If anyone wanted Edison to create any custom pen made from any of Jonathon’s materials, it can certainly be done, so feel free to inquire.

If anyone has questions, please email me! Otherwise we’ll look forward to seeing you at the San Francisco Pen Show! next week!

Lastly, expect to see another blog post next week highlighting all of the other pens that we’ll be bringing to the SF Show. We are putting the finishing touches on some other items, and will be bringing more then 350 pens! I’ll be showing those pens next week.

Brian at Edison

New Materials for the Production Line Pearlette!

Posted by on Jul 29 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s time for us to refresh the materials being used in the Production Line Pearlette.

We have chosen two new materials and will be discontinuing one material.

Canyon Trail is the material that we are discontinuing. If you like the Canyon Trail Pearlette, now is the time to buy one. Whatever is left with our retailers right now is all that is left. Once they are gone, they are gone!

So the materials being added are being called “Quantum”….

Pearlette in Quantum

Pearlette in Quantum

…and “Fingerpaints”….

Pearlette in Fingerpaints
Pearlette in Fingerpaints

Sonoran Sunset and Azure Skies are staying, so this will mean that there are now four materials available in the Production Line Pearlette.

From Left to Right…
Fingerpaints, Quantum, Sonoran Sunset, Azure Skies

Just like the rest of our Production Line, these pens are only available from the retailers listed here. You cannot buy these versions directly from Edison.

Please let me know if there are any questions!

Brian at Edison

Back from Vacation, Current Inventory Updated, San Francisco…

Posted by on Jul 18 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

Andrea and I recently returned from a sorely needed vacation. We are well rested and settled back in. It’s nice to get away, but after a while I look forward to getting back to work! I’ve been buried in emails this week, but my head is just about above water now.

While we were gone, our crew was able to get a lot of pens made for Current Inventory. If you are interested in a pen without waiting for through backlog, we have well over 300 pens that are ready to ship with no waiting! You can click the link above, or view the slideshow below (if you can’t see the slideshow, please click here). Email me if you have interest in one of these pens.

Part of the reason for making these pens while we were gone was to replenish our stock that is ready to ship, but also to get pens ready for the San Francisco Pen Show, which is not that far away in August.

And speaking of the San Francisco Pen Show – stay tuned! We have plans coming together for a Limited Edition Pen that will be exclusive to San Francisco! We’ve never attended the San Francisco show before, so we’re going to do so with a splash! Stay tuned as the show gets closer for details regarding this pen and other pens that we’ll be bringing.

Lastly, expect more updates and details to follow in the near future. Now that we are back from vacation, we’re back to work on lots of new items to follow this year. Stay tuned!


Brian at Edison


On Vacation!

Posted by on Jun 25 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

Later this week I’ll be heading out with my family for a sorely needed two-week vacation. We’ve been super busy this year. I haven’t taken a day off since the Holidays, so I’m overdue!

My crew will be here during this time to handle emails and orders. But with my wife and I gone, they will be busier than normal. So email responses could be delayed a little. If you need my direct attention, I’ll be back the 3rd week of July.

Happy Summer!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory Updated!

Posted by on May 28 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

Since the Chicago Pen Show, things have been awfully busy. It was just this week that we were able to photograph all of the pens from the Chicago Show that didn’t sell and update our galleries with them. So in total, there are more than 300 pens that are currently ready to ship.

Right now our backlog is about 8-9 weeks. But for those who would rather not wait, pens that are currently inventoried and waiting for good homes can be found HERE, or you can see these pens in the slide show below.

If you are interested in one of these pens, please email me.


Brian at Edison

Pen Show Schedule Rest of Year. Coming to San Francisco!

Posted by on May 21 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

I wanted to put this post out sooner than later as we’ve made a decision to mix up our pen show schedule this year and potentially make some changes next year.

When we attend a pen show we have to build our inventory, of course. We have to plan for each show carefully and begin building pens literally about 4 weeks in advance. Then it always takes us a good week after the pen show to get back into our groove. So a pen show can have an effect on our schedule for literally about 5 weeks.

Due to this, we can’t possibly attend every pen show. We have had our set schedule for the pen shows that we will attend, and have generally stuck with the same 5-6 shows annually. But we feel that it’s time to mix this up a bit to be sure that we can see our fans in cities that we haven’t visited yet.

So in 2019, we will not be attending the DC Pen Show the weekend of August 2nd, and instead will visit the San Francisco Pen Show the weekend of August 23rd.

We’ve heard some great things regarding the San Francisco show, and we look forward to meeting our fans there! No promises yet, but we are also considering creating a limited edition pen that would be exclusive to this show, something that we’ve never done previously for a pen show. Stay tuned!

The rest of 2019 we will attend the Detroit Show in October and the Ohio Show in November. Then our plans for 2020 are still up in the air, but we like the idea of mixing up our schedule. If you have suggestions as to what pens show to attend, please let me know!


Brian at Edison

Chicago Pen Show 2019!

Posted by on Apr 30 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

We’ll be at the Chicago Pen Show this weekend. We’ll be set up Friday through Sunday. Please see the video below to check out the pens that we’ll be bringing, as well as our new display.

We hope to see you there!

Brian at Edison